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Boy Name Karaamat

The origin and meaning of African boy name Karaamat

The name : Karaamat
Gender : Boy's name Baby Boy Name (Masculine)
Meaning of Karaamat : Derived From Karamat, Miracle Nobility
Origin : Africa
Continent / source : Africa
More about Africa : Africa is the second largest continent of the world. Africa and its adjacent islands covers around 20 percent of the land area on earth. The four main language families are Afro-Asiatic (e.g. Berber), Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Congo (Bantu) and Khoi-San.

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Is Karaamat likeable : Likeability score for Karaamat is 8
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Information And Tips Before Choosing Karaamat

Here are a few useful tips for choosing a boy name like Karaamat. We will help you to make the right choice. Always realize that the name Karaamat will last a life time for your kid. Expecting twins or multiples? Check out our tips.